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Commissions are currently closed but feel free to drop me a line, I'll get back to you when I open again!

Where to find me!
My ART Tumblr
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Good news everyone! I have obtained a new job! With a good wage, and benefits! Full time! In a good environment that plays to my skills, with a company that is accepting of trans folk. I start Tuesday after this one! Things are looking really good!!!

Thank you for everyone who sent me help - the emotional support has kept me going, and the financial support has paved the way to my getting a job, and will continue to help me pay for transportation until I get my first paycheck. c:

I'll be moving into my own place within the next 1-2 months! I already have a spot picked out!

My meds have also been upped, so on top of the better outlook to my situation, everything's looking pre-tty good!

(To people who I owe art from art trades: I will be trying to work on those soon - feeling a lot better toward doing art, but it might be a while. I promise I haven't forgotten, though! Thank you so much for yall's patience.)
Tw: Cheating, abuse, homelessness, suicidal ideation

Please dear god help me

I just found out my partner (B) that I'm living with has been cheating on me. He's been demanding I go back and live with (Partner A) on and off, and right now, (Partner A) can't take me for very valid reasons ((Partner A) is not a bad person - (Partner A), do not feel bad, this is not your fault, i love you). When the answer came back that (Partner A) can't take me in, he started to get very insistent I find somewhere else to live and that I __need__ to leave. 

I've been fearing homelessness, and the stress has been enough that I've been, for weeks now, thinking I need to be in the hospital so I don't kill myself. Seeing that I lack any kind of support in-person, this hasn't happened, and i've been left in a state of danger. 

This morning, I woke up in pain, stayed up a few hours to try and wait the pain off, then, very tired, I was gonna go back to sleep. I check Partner B's phone to see what time his alarm is supposed to go off so I don't go to sleep for 10 mins then get woke right back up. It was right there. In the open.

He's cheating on me. Instead of being open and honest about his love interests, and requesting I spend some time elsewhere so he can spend time with this person, he's made me fear for my life, fear being homeless, and been dishonest about dating someone else. The number one rule in this entire polyamourous relationship - in which no one is required to date or frankly even like everyone else's partners - is that you be open and honest about who you're dating.

This is abuse. Let alone my fear of homelessness.

Please. I don't want to be homeless. And I don't want to be here anymore. 

I need your help.

I need money for a plane ticket, for myself and for my cat. IT's very possible I have somewhere to go, at least for now, so I'm asking for help with travel. Money for food, clothes, to help with expenses of housing me. Anything. Anything you can give, please. Please do. Spread this around to your friends by copy pasting this or signal boosting this. Please. PLEASE help me. I can't be homeless again. My body can't take it. is my paypal, if you have any money to spare.

Update: I'm now out of psychiatric care after checking myself in for fear of harming myself.

I'm shocked and warmed by the comments, well wishes, commiserated anger, and help, both through emotional labor and guidance, and financial means. I was scared when i was being discharged, but now I'm hopeful.

I haven't heard back from a friend who offered a place to stay. In the meantime, I'm going to the job center tomorrow, and have follow up appointments for my continued mental health. Financial assistance thus far given will be used to help me work toward a job and new home as I take steps to secure my future.

I'll be staying at a friend's tonight.

(Pasted from my status)

Will answer concerns and comments when I'm at a keyboard.



Everything is stable right now.

I've spent money on transport and on professional looking clothing (read: not faded and torn), and have a promising potential job making good money. I'm able to stay where I am until I can afford to leave, and what money is left from everyone's generosity is being put aside for apartment deposit / utility deposit. (And cat food. if I can find my cat again. Who is currently missing..)

Thank you everyone who's helped me, and especially Guttergoo and family for letting me stay with them for a few nights and taking such good care of me.

Hey folx! Currently, I am not open for regular commissions due to circumstances with my medications, so this is currently a rare occurance - I'm up for one (1) commission!

The Rusty Special

What is?!

I will draw you a thing similar to this friendo below - a very recent example done this very week! - for $40.

Yin by MashaTate

Why is?!

The 'Rusty Special' is in reference to the fact I am not regularly creating at the moment, so I've reduced the price of this commission.

What do?!

Will draw:

  • Animal pals
  • Closed species / custom species
  • Many anthro and humanoid buddies

Can't draw:

  • Horses
  • Mech

Won't Draw:

  • NSFW when explicitely sexual in nature

Have questions / not sure? Ask! c:

How pay?!

Paypal only at the moment, please! Note that you can pay via card through paypal without owning an account. Cool, no?

Payment required up-front - your commission will not be started until paid.

Fine! Print!!
  • This art is for non-commercial use. You may not make a profit off of it in any manner. Likewise, if the character this is for is sold, you may add the price of this commission to the character's selling price.
  • I prefer to know where my art is going. (i.e. in the case of a character trading hands)
  • Please no heavy edits to my work; do not claim any edits made as having been my original work.
  • Credit is necessary wherever you will post your commissioned work. On, credit my 'Tate'. Anywhere else, please credit !
So earlier on Facebook, in a closed group, I saw someone bragging about how they go to cons, and art that they deem 'overpriced', they go to the artist, pretend to only have 'a much more reasonable amount of money', say how much they looooove and waaaant the art but only have x amount in order to get the art cheaper. This is not only manipulative, but it's preying on the artist who's kind and agrees. It's lying.

Artists: Beware of people who do this. We already have people p much negging us on our prices on the regular, don't let them cheat you at cons.

Buyers: If you feel a piece is 'overpriced,' first consider that you have no idea why the item is priced that way, and have no place deciding what an artist's time (and materials and experience) is worth. Also, for the love of god, don't SAY it's overpriced. Your options are then thus: Don't buy the art, or ask the artist if they are willing to deal or haggle. But don't you dare demean the artist for their pricing. PLEASE don't lie and prey on artists, it's disgusting and shitty. We already barely make money as it is.
Back from a trip visiting one of my partners and Guttergoo, I'm here now! Well, I've been traveling for well over 9 hours, so actually, I think I'm crashing very soon. BUT I AM HERE!

Silly me forgot to update ya'll that I'd be gone and then forgot my password to try and do stuff mobile, whoops

BUT HEY HERE I AM and you didn't even know I was gone!


General life update: Been working my new job, still in training, really busy. Got a new place, moving in on the 4th next month. Excited. Exhausted. 
Cosmo's been returned to us after over a month of roaming the 'wilds'. He's really skinny, but otherwise seems to have no problems. Did my own checkover on him, will be sending a fecal to the vet once we have some money for it. Unless he displays any symptoms of anything else, I'm more than certain he's ok tho. 

Hid for a while under the bed, but once I picked him up when he came out and set him on the bed, he remembered it belonged to him and settled right in.
You know, some days, many days, I wish I could be allistic (not-autistic). So many less mistakes, miscommunications, ability to live life like others....

I can be content with my existence sometimes but others, it's just... god, why can't I be neurotypical. :/
One of my cats bolted out the door the other day and I'm just kinda struggling to exist right now, sorry for my lack of activity. Not that that's anything new...

*barring any issues with my blood tests
I sent a few notes out to people I follow but, if anyone has an invite code to, I'd really appreciate it!
I wish I was more active / had a more active commission base atm. Found an on-sale cat tower and it's so damned cute and my poor kitties don't have one. >: If anyone wanted to commission me / toss me the money for future credit, I'd give you photos of both my kitties' bellies.…
i need to find a doctor and get back on my meds. on top of not having a place to rp, i just have /zero/ ability to do /anything/ when i'm not on my meds. and i'm so /mean/ when i'm not on them. i hate it, so much. just...need to .... get a doctor. which is hard and scary. but at least i have insurance again
Got my computer yesterday! Slowly getting back into the swing of using it, will do some art to post and open up commissions asap <3 Been chewing at the bit to draw digitally!


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